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Etymology Books

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Etymology Books

DD is very interested in the history of words, how they come about, etc... She would like to read a book about that.

She is 7, relaxes to books probably about a 3rd-4th (?) grade level (recent reads: Fudge Books, Judy Moody, etc...) and can easily read more complex books. Because I want her to enjoy the book, though, I would esp. appreciate any suggestions on the lower end.

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Have you seen "Abracadabra to Zombie: More Than 300 Wacky Word Origins"?

Not sure about the accuracy, though, so read a little of it first (you can turn pages in the upper right hand corner).
You might check Verbivores. It's a website, not a book, and it's not what you're after - but I think you might find some interesting things in it
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These are books we used from our library but just look under "English language - etymology" or "English language - history" in your library for similar ones:

Talk about English by Janet Klausner

Words Can Tell: A Book About Our Language by Cristina Ashton

We did a block in 3rd grade, "Words, Words!" where we did a lot of word origins combined with riddles, spelling, and word games. Mad libs and word searches started each day and tongue twisters and riddles carried it through. There was spelling in there as well. As we learned the word stories we would learn several related words - and lots are fun.

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Rainbow Resource carries the game Rummy Roots, which teaches Greek and Latin roots Ds (7 today!) loves it.
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