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eugene area camping/oregon country fair

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we are only able to go to friday of the fair and are looking at places to camp for thurs/friday nights. is staying at the coast a bit too far? what about whittaker creek campground? staying within walking distance of the fair would be more expensive, especially since we aren't going to be there the whole time. any ideas?
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The places right by the fair are actually pretty cheap, I think. They are basically the front yard's of people who live nearby. We stayed at the Big Oak Campground on Sutter Road, by the fair entrance, for a few years. I think it was $10-$20 a night (per car or per adult, I don't remember), and an easy walk to the gates from there. Sorry I don't remember the pricing details.

There is also some BLM land maybe 20 miles west of the fair on 126, which is free to camp on. I camped there years ago with friends, and it was pretty mellow, but I'm sure that others have discovered it since then, so it may have changed. There are no facilities there.

It is quite a drive to the coast, but if you want to be there (the coast) before and after the fair, it could work. The gates don't open until 11am, so there is plenty of time to get up and drive in.

I hope you find something that works well for you.
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we've stayed at darling's reunion a few times which is a great location but since we're not there the whole time the $43 per person fee is too steep. plus, once you are set up and in, you're in for the weekend, which we're not.....
anyone know about camp serene?
We stayed at the KOA in town since we didn't realize that camping would be such an issue. It was nice and quite a few people were staying there. It was a drive to the fair site though.

I have camped on the BLM property but it wasn't during the fair and there was already quite the rainbow camp there. (But, it was also mushroom season so that might have had something to do with it) I can only imagine how many people would be there during the fair.

I think the campgrounds right by the fair were really expensive though. Perhaps, you could urban camp in town if you have a van.

Hope you find some good camping and have a wonderful time.

I would suggest against the "urban camping" idea, at least in Veneta. We (Fair Family) work so hard all year to try and build a relationship with folks in Veneta so it is less of an adversarial relationship...they are less into having folks vans parked in front of their houses than folks in bigger cities. FWIW, Eugene fills up with lots of "urban campers" also, and unfortunately many have left a bad taste in the mouths of people near where they've stayed (trash, noise, etc.)

I would suggest Honeyman if you're camping at the coast...kiddos love it! Swimming, sliding down dunes, tons of other kids. It is a 40 minute drive or so, but fair is only open 11-7, so you'd have lots of time to get there before dark and not even have to get up early. You do have to reserve ahead for summer, so try soon if you're interested.
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thanks for your imput hotmama (and all your hard work, the fair family does a great job)--we already had coastal reservations, but were curious about something a little closer, but the dunes are so much fun that i think we'll stick with it,
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