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I'm having repelling issues with our pocket diapers... (edit: washing the diapers repeatedly without detergent has helped a bit)

I think I'm using too much detergent so I'm going to use less next time.

But I'm wondering if I'm using the wrong detergent maybe? Those lovely handy lists of good/bad detergents for CD are soooo cool but most if not all of those brands aren't available here.

Is there any list like that for us Europeans?? (Even though you'd probably need one for most countries seperately)...

I use "Le Chat" powdered detergent.
I can get the regular commercial detergents here (Dash, Ariel, Dreft, etc), also Ecover, Froggy and Sonett (in the health food store).

I have washing soda, baking soda, pure soap "flakes". Could I use any of those? (Not the pure soap I think?)

In the British supermarket I can get "Fairy" detergent.

Anyone have any idea what would be best?

Or is it probably just the issue of using too much detergent?
I use Earth mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm, it's oil basically.

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