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ladies, i'm an idiot but i'm also losing my mind here.
i'm supposed to be 6w6d today, but started bleeding on friday morning. i'm going in for the HCG quant in an hour, but i POAS when i got up so i could prepare myself for the results.
well, i didn't wait long enough for the f-ing results. i think i waited about a minute, but the test says to allow 5. and not to read it after 5 minutes because of the evap line thing.
well, i was sure it was negative, told my dh, changed clothes, checked emails, and tried calling my midwives' office, then went to pee again, and there was the test with a positive result. it's a hugely dark line, just like the first test. is that an evaporation line or are my HCG levels still high enough to trigger it?
oh shit. i don't need this. i don't need this. i don't need this. i hate my uterus.

any words of wisdom?
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