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Evaporation Lines

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I'm wondering if anyone knows how common they are. I took 3 1st Response tests and got three super-faint, grayish lines. They look just like evap. lines. Has anyone had multiple ones? I am 11 DPO. Thanks Mamas!
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ithink evap lines are after about 30 min? how soon did the lines appear?
they appeared after a few minutes but got ever-so-slightly darker as time when on. they are still so faint that you have to put them in the sunlight and squint.
i'm thinking bfn but those darn lines are taunting me!
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We tried to conceive for about 9 months. In that time, I think only a couple of tests (and we testing a LOT; like 10+ times per cycle) *didn't* have evap lines, and the first response ones showed up fast - maybe 12-15minutes. With some of the other brands, they didn't show up until 20-30 minutes, so they were pretty obviously evap and not positive results.

Actually, we also had an issue with the first response one month where we had a faint positive within the test window, which later disappeared. They actually mention this somewhere (website, directions, i'm not sure?) and call it a negative result. I mention it only because it was *so* disappointing to us, as we hadn't heard of that happening before. We switched to the dollartree tests and loved them. They still get evap lines, though.

Good luck! 11DPO is still pretty early, so even if those lines turn out to be evap, you may still get a true positive in a day or two!
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I've heard that evap lines are usually gray-ish and a faint positive will be the same color as the test line (just lighter). Give it a few more days and try testing again
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Thanks. I am thinking BFN. Evaporation lines are such a tease!
I also heard that evap lines are greyish while true positives are blue or pink, but many of the evap lines I saw were either pink or blue. (And as Julieanne wrote, we saw many.) But you never know for sure until your cycle ends!
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It's so confusing! I just took 2 Answer tests and got light pink lines. Now I am wondering if they are evap. lines too. I guess I'll just have to wait a few days and try again, maybe with a digital. Thanks for all the input. I am trying not to get my hopes up.
I've taken many FRER and never had an evap line on them. I did have one super super faint line which when I retested disappeared but I'm pretty sure that month was a chemical pg because of my symptoms, and my AF came late and very heavy. (Sorry TMI!) I've only had evaps on internet test strips.

ETA: It is still early--wait a few days and see if the lines get darker!
I have peed on a zillion sticks and NEVER seen an evaporation line. (I'd like the mythbuster guys to do this on their show, 'cept they'd have to enlist the help of some women). I have, however, had faint positives that were almost invisible and too light to show up as really pink. They did turn out to be genuine positives in the end. My bet: Preg.
But seriously... wait two days to test again or go in for a Beta. Home pregnancy test kits are a tremendous waste of money. (I say this although I burn through them like the rest of us when its 22 dpo....hehehe)
A huge thanks to everyone who offered insights.

I took a digital and it is positive!

I wasn't sure about protocol of posting postives here but I did want to offer 3 lessons I learned this cycle that may help others:

1) I swear I had PMS symptoms 3 DPO. So I was sure I wasn't pregnant. Guess my body does those things (bloat, mood swings, etc.) every month no matter what!

2) Lines so faint you can only see them in sunlight while squinting --- and with no discernible color -- CAN be positives.

3) The Answer test gave me my earliest clear positive and the Clear Blue Easy digital test (the one that says on the box that you can test several days earlier) gave me a positive 11 DPO.

Best wishes to all of you!

EDIT: wanderinggypsy - you are SO right about hpts being colossal wastes of money! I spent way too much this cycle (I think I tested 8 times...) I think I have some sort of disorder!
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Congrats on the BFP.

Happy and healthy 9 months...
Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!! All the best for a fabulous pregnancy and birth!!!!!!!!
Congrats!!! on your BFP. And I wish you a H & H 9 months.
Thank you so much. I am rooting for everyone here!!
Yeah I get them all the time ... evil things. Normally I get them on the internet cheapies but have also gotten them on store bought tests. I think the key is if it is more of a dent in the test as opposed to a line. Because when the line is really faint it can be hard to say whether its gray (evap) or pink (bfp)... jmo
i hate those lines, I get them all the time, non stop, they are a tease
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