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Evelyn's New Assistant

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Hi mamas!

I've delivered before with Evelyn and Lora (who I so miss!). I just got to meet her most recent assistant Casey in October, and she left Evelyn's practice very soon after. I understand that Evelyn is now being assisted by Susan...anyone ever met her, birth with her, or have any comments? Just wondering what style/personality to expect, etc. I'm just a few weeks away from delivering, and I hate unexpected change so late in the game!

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That is so very interesting. I have no idea who she is.
I have met her and she is very nice. She actually has worked with Evelyn before when she was with the Balt Birth Center. There are some ladies who may be on here that actually have had experience with her from that time period. She is a nurse and very experienced. I think you can rest easy, knowing that this is definately not new territory for her and a her and Evelyn work very well together.
I met her the other day. She seems very nice and very skilled in nursing, maternity, and lactation. She was chatty and very friendly. She mentioned she worked with Evelyn before and had a very long history with women's and infant health. But, She smelled a bit like smoke.
i've met her twice and both times i thought she was really nice. very helpful and answered all my questions with ease.
i think she's known evelyn for a number of years. evelyn spoke very highly of her.
i think we're in good hands
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Thanks so much! I've once had a switcheroo at a Birthing center in another state, and really hated meeting someone new while in labor! I look forward to meeting Susan in an office visit!
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Is this the same Susan who is assisting for other midwives in the area as well (or at least Erin/Mairi of MAMAS)? Used to work at Birthcare?

If so, she will be our birth assistant within the next month or so, and I'd be happy to report back. Met her today and liked her a great deal... but again, we could be talking about different people.
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