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Eventually he will not bf exclusively!

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Shocking I know! But really, solids are making me so sad.

And we haven't started them yet. Nor are we close.

I was reading a book on baby food and got a really sad over the thought that this exclusive relationship wouldn't last forever

I mean really its an exciting thing, my 4.5 mo old son will eat, and I will enjoy it. It's not a stressful thing, just a strange feeling, I never thought I would have.
I always knew I would bf ideally at least a year, but I NEVER imagined that I would enjoy nursing him.

Am I the only one? The only freak? Ok I'm going to go hide now
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No need to hide.

I know exactly what you mean. Starting solids is the first step towards independance. My DD is 9mo and still 99.9% bf, she knows a good thing when shes got it!

She has just started to be interested in foods other than bm now and actually its quite exciting for me too. Neither of us were ready at 6mo but maybe we are beginning to be ready now.

My DD loves to nurse and so do I. When I was pg I thought bf was only a way to feed and planned to bf for a year to avoid formula. I thought that I would wean her to cows milk at 1. Not anymore. Now for me bf is as much a way to mother as it is a way to feed. Hopefully I will be able to keep mothering my DD in this way for as long as she needs.

Enjoy your ebf and snuggle your little one. The time for solids will come but it certainly need not be the end of your nursing relationship.
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Believe me I know what you mean... my DS used to make nummy noises at the breast. Now he reserves them for turkey and chicken.
I know, I know, I know! My ds will be 4 months on the 20th, and I am so sad! ofcourse my ped will probably start with the "we should probably start him on cereal" stuff, but I'm going to wait until 6 months, skip the cereal all together and go right onto food when he's ready. But My ds is nowhere near ready right now. He's still a little baby, he wants to cuddle and nurse all day.... but I am thinking about the big moment when he's ready for solids.. it will be hard for me, I know.. (and then when he becomes too independent.. I told dh time to have another one!) they just grow too darn fast!
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Exactly, our ped didn't even get the chance to suggest it. When we went for Max's 4 mo appt. we stated right off that we would wait until at least 6 mo. We just didn't see the purpose of starting earlier. I just am seeing now how interested in food he is. Always

I am also not going to be feeding commercial cereal. There is a book I am reading, I can't remember where I saw it originally, but it's called "Super Baby Foods" by Ruth Yaron. It's fantastic, has how to make organic baby foods, rice cereal-Now that I can do. I just am not comfortable with eventually giving him a packaged rice cereal, that is full of who knows what!

Thanks to all, for showing me I am not alone
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I totally understand! My first didn't really become interested in solids until she was 8 months old. It was quite the adjustment when she did start eating solids all the time. Of course she was still nursing like a fiend!

My second is bottle fed expressed breastmilk (she has a cleft palate), but it was still a little heart wrenching when she was so interested and getting mad at every meal when we weren't giving her solids at 5.5 months. She's been really demanding about it. I hadn't intended to even start introducing solids until at least 6 months, but she, apparently has other plans. It is a mixed blessing, to be sure. Because of the pumping, I'm obsessed with my supply, and it's a little relieving to know that there are some solids she can eat, but it is sad to see this little baby starting to become a big baby!

Hug, hold and kiss them while you can!

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I totally know how you feel. My DS is 6 mo and not interested in solids at all. I keep getting questioned as to when I am going to start solids, but I just try and say "He isn't ready yet." An excuse I use is that we are moving to England and I want to wait untill we get over there because I don't want to mess with cereal on the plane ride and wait until we are settled into our new place. At my DSs 4 month appointment the doc was really cool about waiting untill AT LEAST 6 months, he said after 6 months start when DS is ready. But at his 6 month appointment (different doc) I was pressured to start solids. I gave her my reasons not to, and it wasn't enough. Of course she also tried to push vaxes... but that is already in another thread.

I know I will also get pressure from my family when we go to visit. My cousin's wife started solids on her child (born 1 day after DS but 3 weeks early) so I know every will be like "Well she is doing it!"

I honestly don't want to start solids because I am lazy. How much easier can it be to feed a child? Pop out the boobie, nothing to clean up, no mess, no fuss. Quick and easy. *heavy sigh* I know the day will come... does anyone have a time machine laying around? Will trade cloth diapers!
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i was so NOT excited about starting solids! i don't know why so many people get so excited over it that they can't wait to give their 2 month old cereal.
i was so sad to have to stop exclusively breastfeeding! i would EB forever if i could! so convenient and worry-free (well most of the time anyways.)

turns out she didn't want to start solids either. and still doesnt at 15 months old...but she has some food aversion issues we have to work on. maybe she sensed that i didn't want to do it!
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we are going on 7 mo with no solids. she's not sitting up unsupported and i honestly will be sad, too, when she's no longer ebf!

we just got back from our first overnight in a hotel... boy am i glad i didn't have to worry about baby food! just pop out the boob and she's happy. i'm seriously thinking of waiting until we can just start her on the REAL solids- table food!

i don't know if you CD, but i am not looking forward to solid food poops all over my pretty dipes, either!

Originally Posted by Messy Nessie
i don't know if you CD, but i am not looking forward to solid food poops all over my pretty dipes, either!

I agree!! The idea of having to dunk
, I know it's not 'required' but I can't imagine having any solid stuff in our diaper bin. My husband is activated for the military starting next week and won't have to deal with the ickies, but then he will miss the fun/shocked faces Max will make!

I did just introduce a cup with water today, Now that was funny. At first it was
then all of a sudden
, then
take that away and you WILL see this fit over and over! I have to admit it was kindof fun.
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