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ever done this?

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I got some gdiapers for dd (12 mos) for a week long stay in a hotel-don't have enough cloth to last and would rather not have sposies sitting in the garbage while we're hanging out. I thought I'd try them out first and it turns out my hemp nightime liners fit in there perfect. My thought was to use those on a regular basis, possibly make thicker ones for out and about. They're a LOT smaller/quicker to wash than my prefolds and fireflies. So far no leaks! Any thoughts? I'm a little nervous for a big messy poop, hasn't happened in one yet.
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Haven't tried the G-diapers yet, but good luck!
I ordered the starter kit and some refills last night at 9:00 pm. This morning they were here. Wow.
I know they aren't ideal, but neither is hauling our heavy washing machine
diaper and having the pregnant, tired
mama of 4 who is our downstairs neighbor wondering what is going on in our kitchen.

I got these for traveling to NYC, where I can't do cloth in a hotel.
I am going to try them tomorrow. . .and they seem really expensive, and the negative
threads going around seem really harsh. Have there been similar conversations about Seventh Generation diapers, I wonder?

i'd love to do cloth exclusively, but I hope people can hold their judgement. Sometimes it's hard to be perfect. Sometimes my
: 's are wet
and I've hidden the washer
from management. I can't wash down the hall or in the laundromat because the perfumes
are too intense.

I might really like these, and if I compost the wet and toss out the poopers, it might just be the best options for limited use.

My beautiful 10 yo ds is helping me with the emoticons.
Can you tell???

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