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Every-new-tooth = pain

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What is up with this? I thought after you got past the rough road of nursing when they are newborns it was a down hill ride. I was SO wrong about that! Every new little tooth she gets in, I am in pain for weeks. I pop her off try making her take more areola/nipple into her mouth but she just wants to nurse the way she always has. Then it seems after a week or two my poor nipple calluses up and it doesn't hurt anymore... until the next tooth! She is seriously hurting me more than when we first started. Anyone else deal with these little needle teeth? Any suggestions on what to do or at least ease my pain?

You know its bad when you wake up in the middle of the night all confused and in pain only to find that DD helped herself to a snack and is half asleep and nursing peacefully. Ouch!
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