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Everyone MUST read this book

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Well, okay, not everyone. Most people who read this forum regularly will find the book both fascinating and infuriating. Those who are having trouble convincing loved ones that homebirth is better should tell those loved ones "read this book and Henci Goer's and don't talk to me about my decision until you do." But people who will be adversely affected by high blood pressure or rage should be prepared to set the book down periodically and relax.

It's "The American Way of Birth" by Jessica Mitford and it is, quite simply, a history of birth in America.
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: She also wrote "The American Way of Death," which I found very applicable when a family member of mine was dying from cancer.
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OK- I will get it- you want to send it to me! LOL!
Thanks for the info!
I love this book! I found it for $2 at a book warehouse about 5 years ago. I have my address label in a couple places in the book as I loan it out often. I always get it back with a lot of great conversation.

Definitely a must read!
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It's a very good book. I read it when I was in college, way before I even started thinking about having kids, and it really opened my eyes.

And another thumbs up for The American Way of Death- also a good read.
Yes, this is a great one...both of them, actually. I used them a lot in a medical anthropology seminar I took in college, and copied a lot of passages out of both to give to my fellow students (who were all planning on becoming MDs, several OBs), and I think it helped open their eyes some!
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