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EWCM AFTER ovuation?!

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This has been puzzling me my last couple cycles, and I am hoping to get you all's wisdom and experience on this issue:

This cycle, I had a little EWCM the day before ovulation, the day of ovulation, and now a lot of EWCM for 2 days AFTER ovulation.

I am wondering whether this means the temps are wrong or if I just release more EWCM after ovulation?

My temp clearly indicates that I o'd-- my coverline was 36.14 c and my temp was 36.20 c, and stayed above the coverline today at 36.33 c.

So do you think I really did o on the day I thought, or is EWCM always a sign of fertility and the temps are wrong? I feel like I should GIO with dh because I see the EWCM, but at 2 dpo, the egg has already done its thing (hopefully this -->
: !!)

Any thoughts or advice on what to do are welcome!
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Rule #1 - treat any and all EWCM as fertile and GIO, just in case.

As for the EW after O - it could be just the estrogen in your system. Some women do produce EW after ovulation because of it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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