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(Ewww warning:) anyone else having a bit of CM?

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LOL It seems with each pregnancy I develop amnesia as to what I experienced forgive me if this is an elementary question. But is it fairly normal to have a bit of CM at this early stage in the game? Is anyone else?
My breasts are tender, Im real queasy and tired...oh and who can forget emotional too...all normal yes, but I can't remember if the CM is normal or not.
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I am almost positive I had the extra CM at this time with ds2. I don't remember if I did with ds1. This time nothing extra so far.
Hi! Butting in from the April DDC... Just wanted to say that I had larger amounts of CM with both of my pregnancies... And from my DDC and form others I have been in, this is normal!

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I was a little worried about it. I don't remember CM with dd. I thought with the mucous plug there would be no CM.
: I guess I have a lot to learn about my body this time around. Just when you think you know it all....
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Totally normal. That's one of the earliest symptoms a lot of people notice when they get pregnant, but people usually blow it off. I know with me, it started a few days after O. It was part of what made me suspect that I was pg since it's been like that with my DD and with my 2 angels and now this pregnancy.
Got it here too Leighanne......from everything I've read it's fairly normal.
I've got it too. I had it throughout my entire last pregnancy too.
Yep, and as a cervical mucus charter, I can't resist picking it up off the tissue and playing with it - seeing how well it stretches. LOL. And to think I was squeamish about that stuff when I first started NFP.
Totally normal to have lots of it though... I think the mucus plug is still forming in the early weeks... doesn't it take a while to really form fully? And you can still have mucus once the plug is in place, IIRC (keeping in mind I have pregnancy brain). I was just stretching some of mine about an inch today, and I'm 7 weeks today.
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Reviving a slighly old thread to say that I am pregnant with my first child (first pregnancy too) and in the couple of weeks after my BFP(s) I had a LOT of CM... almost more than around ovulation time, rofl.

Ladies... most of what you are experiencing isn't even coming from the cervix... it's being secreted from the vaginal walls. Because of the increase of bodily fluid, that also increases. These secretions help to carry away any bad bacteria or foreign particles (whatever they may be) from nearing the cervix. Just a tidbit if info. And yes, by now, your mucus plug is already in place. Good luck everyone on your pregnancies.
i just noticed today i've been having a ton of cm too! or vm or its much more than when i O, so i wouldn't worry about it too much...although i have gotten pantyliners...which usually i have to with every pregnancy, but this one i'm starting way
Here too. Thanks for the info.

Originally Posted by hopeful1
Ladies... most of what you are experiencing isn't even coming from the cervix... it's being secreted from the vaginal walls. Because of the increase of bodily fluid, that also increases.
Thanks! That's good to know.

And the SWEAT... I have actually had to change my panties due to being outside too long and getting super sweaty there. Ugh! At first it made me wonder if it was a slow leak of amniotic fluid, but a) it'd be too early for that (I think there's only like an oz in there at the stage I'm at), and b) it doesn't happen unless I'm out in the heat for a while. Phew! Having had PPROM with the last, I'm slightly paranoid about my amniotic sac and amniotic fluid.
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Glad I'm not the only drippy lady out there.
I'm also sweating like crazy too and it's really ticking me off. I've always washed my sheets every other week, but I've washed my sheets TWICE this week and they still smell funky to me. Yeah, my nose is in hyperdrive.

I did end up pulling my cloth liners out of the drawer to use just to save my underwear from getting holes in them. I went through so many packages of underwear with my other pregnancy that I just started buying cheapo panties after I ruined two batches of Victoria's Secret underwear.
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yup, have some wetness here as well. Had it with both prior pregnancies.
yup -- some discharge issues here, too. I HAVE to wear liners all the time, and they need changed at least twice a day. (sorry if TMI).
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