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Ewwwwww Stinky Gym People - Get Away!

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I went to the gym this morning. It seems the couple weeks off have done me a lot of good. I'm still lifting the same amount as before and feeling better as I do it.
The guy at the counter said "Oh, you're pregnant! You weren't pregnant last time you were here."
I said "I hope so! I only have 8 weeks to go!"

The bummer is I only walked for about 5 minutes after doing my weight lifting. This woman came in and even though she was two treadmills away from me, she reeked way too much for me to stand staying there. It drives me nuts because there are signs all over the gym reminding people NOT to wear colognes or perfumes due to others' sensitivities.
I have a good sense of smell as it is, but when I'm pregnant it's on overload. That and the athsma means I'm really sensitive to smells. I swear this lady must have had a giant bath in her perfume. Strong, icky perfume. *shudder*
I felt nauseous and had to leave the room. I told the staff about her but didn't bother going back to the treadmills. I knew the horrid perfume smell would lurk for quite a while. Blegh.

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Oh that bites
We lived next door to a girl that bathed in this stinkyass perfume, and she would love on our dog and send her home reeeeking like it. OY!!!
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DH carpools a guy to work - in our car - who I think bathes in his cologne. Makes our car SO stinky !!

I can so relate. I haven't ever seen anyone about my breathing difficulties, but I'm pretty certain I have asthma. The other day I was at the grocery store and had the hardest time because of this woman's perfume (also can't ever go on the cleaning aisle). I thought I was going to suffocate from the episode though. Maybe pregnancy has made it worse, but I'm not sure. It's been worse since September or so and I wasn't pregnant then. I think it was the problem that we had with mold in our former house that made it so much worse.
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