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Ex finally broke the news to the kids that he's leaving the country

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So Ex was supposed to take the kids this past weekend. He texts me Friday at 1pm and says "Hey can I get them early today? Like soon? We're going to the cottage so I want to make the most of the time." I mull it over for a few minutes, in the middle of the grocery store, and text back that they're out of school at 2:30, I have an appointment at 3:30 and if he wants them he needs to be at my house by 3 or the kids are coming with me to my appointment. I then check out, pay for my stuff, and drive to the school. I check my phone when I get home with the kids (at 2:45) and he has texted me while I'm driving asking me to pack a bag for the kids as he has no clothes for them anymore because he freaking sold all the clothes he had for them (wtf?). So I'm frantically packing bags for the kids as he shows up. DD packed her own bag and no doubt forgot half the crap she needs, and then the kids are gone.

This was supposed to be the weekend he told the kids about his huge move to the Dominican Republic, happening in a few weeks. Did he tell them Friday so they had the weekend to talk it over? Nope. Did he tell them Saturday so that they had a night with him to discuss any concerns? Nope. He takes them for a "walk in the forest" moments before leaving the cottage, dumps the news on them, and then promptly drops them off at my house a crying mess THREE HOURS EARLY with zero notice that he was doing so. He's flipping lucky I was even home. I was actually walking down the driveway with the dog to go for a walk when he pulled in.

So DS is devastated. DD doesn't really seem to give much of a crap, but DS cried the whole night, slept in my bed, didn't get to sleep until 10pm and is currently still trying to wake up even though I normally have them at daycare by now. He even made sure to tell them how dangerous it is there, so that they'd think he's going to be killed, and then told them they're absolutely for sure taking a plane down next summer (go go hero dad) to spend a month with him, without first talking to me to see if I was even cool with it.

Thanks Ex, you giant pile of fail.

And can you say abandonment issues? I had DS in my arms most of the night, begging me to never leave him. Like I ever would! How do I even begin to help them heal from this? He's broken their hearts. I hate him so much. I hate his selfish face.
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i am so so sorry! What an ass!!
the single mama posse needs to kick his sorry ass.
That's horrible on so many levels!

Here's what he needs... but I doubt he would get most of it.
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I've been thinking about this post since yesterday morning and I still don't know what to say. A part of me would want to call up ex and tell him what an ass he's being. The other part of me would want to just focus on my kids. Maybe you could sit down with your kids and make a list of things they can do to keep in touch with ex? Email? Snail mail? Phone calls? Skype? Maybe if they know that they will still be able to talk to him (and possibly see him) then it might help a little?
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