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This thread was helpful when I had my first m/c but I wasn't in a place where I could record exactly what happened. Unfortunately, I've just experienced my second & I think I can better record it--I hope it's helpful to someone. I'm sorry for all who have posted here or need to read this thread.

This is my second missed miscarriage. I found out at 11w2d that baby stopped growing at just over 7w. We had heard a heartbeat at 7w1d but baby passed shortly afterward. I started spotting very, very lightly at 10w6d. I was immediately concerned because that was exactly how my first mmc started at about the same time in that pregnancy. But the spotting was so slight that I still had some hope. I wasn't cramping so I tried to stay positive. When my midwife couldn't find the heartbeat on her strongest Doppler, she made an appointment for me to get another ultrasound. I was still hopeful because the spotting was still light (though more prevalent) & we had already heard a heartbeat, which we hadn't heard with the last pregnancy. Well, the ultrasound revealed that baby had died.

Time to wait as I wanted to miscarry naturally at home again. Nothing came & I even went back to work after waiting for things to start. For about 4-5 days I had what I'd classify as a light flow. It was sometimes brown, sometimes bright red. I had a session of acupuncture. I was taking TCM herbs, drinking herbal teas (red raspberry leaf & dong quai), taking evening primrose oil, and homeopathic remedies (sabina & sepia). I took all this for a couple days religiously.

At what would have been 12w1d my flow was all bright red. I had some diarrhea & thought maybe I was clearing out in preparation for the m/c. The next morning I was sitting with my feet up on the couch when I felt a gush. It was bloody & watery & I think it was the water breaking. I caught what I think was my mucous plug.

I spent the next 30 minutes or so in the bathroom. I was alone & DH was on his way home. I got into the shower & squatted, which felt very comfortable. I was a bit crampy but did not have strong contractions. I took a shower & felt very peaceful. I was bleeding a lot but not that many clots. At one point I was feeling labor-like contractions & back pain. I let the water fall onto my back & found relief. I turned off the water & squatted again. I felt something coming & caught the sac, intact. It was gray-ish & translucent, with a vein-like pattern. I think I saw the fetus inside but I didn't want to disturbe the sac so I did not open it to confirm. DH got me a ziplock for it & we will bury it, in the same spot as our other lost baby. I felt relief & I felt my spirit uplifted.

I bled a lot after this for about 3 hours or more with lots of big clots. We considered going to the hospital for a bit--it was a constant drip & always a gush anytime I moved. Each time got up from the chair I had to got to the bathroom to change my cloth pad (mind you, cloth doesn't absorb blood as quickly as disposable). But I did not feel at all dizzy or shaky so we decided to wait to see if it would slow down. At one point I passed something quite large & I believe that it was the placenta. I was hopeful that the bleeding would slow after that. (To anyone reading this--if you're at all concerned withy how much you are bleeding, call your midwife or doctor!)

I decided it was time to lie down. I was feeling tired & my uterus was feeling worn out. Eventually the bleeding did slow & I stopped passing clots. I feel as though I have passed everything, though I am still feeling some cramping. I hope that I have passed everything& I expect I will bleed for another week or so if that is the case. After that I will do another pregnancy test to make sure my HCG has dropped all the way. I also plan to do follow-up testing with a fertility specialist this time. I will edit this post with more if appropriate. Good luck to all.

Day 2: I was tired & sat with my feet up most of the day. Bleeding was manageable. Cramps were minimal--I felt like I had done too many sit-ups & had stronger than usual period cramps.
Day 3: I felt good & got out of the house, moving slowly of course.
Day 4: Lots of cramps again, somewhat like labor contractions but very close together. Bleeding was somewhat more. I believe I passed some small tissue (it was slightly grayish & not just a clot but it was quite small). May have also overdone it the day before.
Day 5: Less crampy & bleeding seems to be tapering off again but still an alarmingly bright red. Some small clots. Son cramps also now seem to be more related to my bowels & bladder--it seems any pressure is causing cramping, which I remember also experiencing with my first m/c.

Dat 12: Still bleeding, medium to light flow but always bright red. Woke up to some cramping & in the morning passed a small amount of tissue that was definitely remains of the pregnancy (& probably part of the placenta). I'm still hoping to avoid d&c but this is taking a long time.
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