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excited/ anxious/ nervous and sad

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like a lot of people on this web site know i am having my baby in atlanta and i live on the fl/ga line. just 30 mins from jacksonville. this weekend is my baby shower and i am leaving to stay with my mom up there the following day. i am excited/ anxious/ nervous and sad about it. i know that in order for me to have the best birth experience i can have i should have the baby there. i miss my mom and i can't wait to be able to spend more time with her and my brother and not have to cram (sp?) everything into one weekend. on the other hand my bhaving the baby up there means that i am going to have to be away from my fiance for at least a month before the baby comes. he can't come up there with me rightaway because he has to work and pay the bills. we ha ve never been away from each other for more than a week or so. that was the last time that i went up to atlanta to spend time with my mom. which was about a year ago. ( she has come down here plenty of times since then). i am going to miss him soo much. he worries that something will happen to me and he doesn't like the fact that someone else is going to be providing for me because he feels that it is his job. it makes him feel sad that he can't do everything for me. he has been so protective of me ever since i got pregnant. he wants everything to be perfect. he also worries that he is going to miss the birth and fears that he won't be able to give me the support that i need while i am in labor because he is driving up there. he is also only going to be able to take off a few day from work to be up there. so we are hoping that she starts to come on a thursday or friday and doesn't come til the weekend so that we can have the most time together. his grandfather is going to drive him up there. i hope he doesn't miss it. i don't think he will.
will there be a lot of warning before i go into actual labor? but not too much that he ends up coming up too soon and having to go back to work before i have the baby?
i am excited about going to atlanta to have the baby but i am going to miss him sooo much. it is going to be sooo hard to have to be away from him for so long. i just keep telling myself that this is the best thing for me and the baby. i know that i wouldn't have a good birth experience if i stay here. the onlything i don't like about having the baby up there is having to be away from my fiance for soo long.
but its worth the sacrafice.
( sorry this was soooo long)
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