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Exciting Trip

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Just thought I would share an exciting occurance on our recent trip.

We just returned from 7 days in the "wilderness" with my MIL, SIL and her 4 kids. Much to my amazement she cloth diapered her twin 4 month old babies the entire time

Now I did give her some pointers before we left and she said she was planning on trying it but would buy 'sposies if need be. MIL told her she would buy the 'sposies if she wanted. BUT she stuck it out.
I did say something to her but well, the IL's just don't quite understand how big of a deal that was for me :LOL
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well I totally understand your excitement
good for your SIL 4mo twins is a lot of work
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What an amazing trip.
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I'm sure your SIl was outfitted with all the latest cute HH's, right?
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How exciting!! Cool!!!
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Wow....Did you just save the dirties for home, or do you have some special rock-beating washing ritual to share with us?
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Great! Maybe Hallmark makes a card for congratulating such an acheivement. If not, they should!

he he, it was that rock beating ceremony that saved us all

Actually, she did wash while there. Not necessarily how I would have done things. She just put everything poop and all into her wet bag and when she got low she did wash. Only one time. She used laundry machines in the park.

I would have done things a bit dfferently, when we camp, I handwash my pockets then wash my inserts in the machine in fear of crud from the machines getting on my pockets.

When I told her she could just hand wash she thought I was crazier then she previously thought and went on with her routine.

My thinking is it was the difference between being online and hearing horror stories and being oblivious to any perils in cloth diapering.
But, hey it worked and I am really proud of her for doing this.
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Wow!!! Good for her, that's so great!
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