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Exclusively Breastfed Newborn is Constipated

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My baby is just over 2 weeks old. He's been pooping 3-4 time a day, but that keeps decreasing and is down to once a day. I know that this can be normal but he is starting to strain and strain with no results. When he does poop, it is normal breastfed poop. Last night he fussed and fussed and struggled and pushed with no results. I've tried holding him up and lifting his legs up. I've tried massaging his belly. I've tried stimulating his anus, all with no results. Any suggestions?
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To be honest, I do not think he is constipated, but I am no doctor. If his stool looks like normal breast fed stool, then I think he is fine. If he was straining and straining, and then what came out were little pellets or something that resembles a tootsie roll (sorry TMI) then that would be defined as constipated. I have read that sometimes an infant’s anus’s loosens up sometime after birth, meaning the muscles contract, which is why when they do have a bowel movement, they have to push so hard. (Don’t quote me on any of this; I might be saying it wrong. But I do know I read somewhere that there is a valid reason why they seem to have to push with all their might and turn bright read and sometimes chartreuse!) Maybe your little guy is just an early bloomer in this department. Perhaps when he is doing all that pushing, he is actually gassy? Does his tummy feel hard when you message it?
From my experience, breastfed babies don't poop everyday. All 3 of my kids were breastfed and didn't poop for a few days. AFter a few days, it' was a HUGE blow out.
My little one is going through this as well. She's 3 months old now, and it's been going on for most of her life. Sometimes she does one poop a day 2 days ina row, and she is a totally different baby. When she stores it up for 2-3 days, she's MISERABLE. Cranky, can't sleep more than 45 minutes (and often less), and screaming. DH said she screamed for 2 hours last night (I was at work) and nothing he did was right. I'm pretty sure nothing I could have done would have been right, either, she was just uncomfortable. She pooped this morning, and was a happy, giggly, smiley baby. And then went right to sleep.

DD also has reflux, so she pukes all the time, despite meds.Not sure if they're related, just thought I'd mention it so you can be on the lookout for reflex, too.
If it's regular poop once it appears, it's not constipation. It's normal for babes to develop tummy troubles around that age; they become aware of pooping and try to control it, rather than just letting it happen. Just keep nursing, and maybe try a chiropractor?
If the poop isn't hard, he isn't constipated. Just let nature take its course. Straining in and of itself isn't bad or dangerous.
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