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Hey you moms and midwives,

I am mom2thhts 's husband. Just wondering, she has been going through this 8 to 12 minutes between contractions for several days now. They got a bit closer last night and we were hopeful but then they slowed down again. Now she is getting so exhausted that she is almost ready to give up. I don't know what she would do if she gives up cause the baby will still be there but I'm just saying emotionally she is really getting tired and we are still not progressing. There's also some bloody show each time she has gone to the toilet. What would you guys do?
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First, HUGS!!!!
For both of you!

You are going through a very difficult situation. Either you need it to speed up RIGHT NOW and have a baby, or get a good break to relax a bit and regenerate energy.

If trying for a break - In "Spiritual Midwifery", Ina May recounts getting a mama pretty schnockered (I think she used vodka, but IME wine works just as well
) in order to get her to relax and get a break. Maybe that would help??? Better than an epidural and associated hospital issues?


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Some midwifes will offer Ambien or Tylenol PM or stronger stuff for prodromal labor, if she is unable to sleep but not progressing. Sometimes just one night's sleep can get the show on the road very fast!
The contractions are 5 minutes apart now. Do you guys reckon we should head to the hospital. It's about a 50 minute drive to the hospital.
Congrats; I hope she's had the baby by now and all is well!
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