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Here are some ideas -

-Don't buy any ready-to-eat sweets. Only make homemade. When eating sweets requires some work, you'll be more reluctant.

-When you do decide to make some homemade treats, only use natural, unrefined sweeteners: honey, molasses, pure maple syrup, sucanat, brown rice syrup - experiment and see which ones you like. These natural sweeteners have flavors in them besides just "sweet" (unlike sugar, which just tastes sweet and makes you want more and more); this makes your body better able to know when to stop - you naturally become "full" of that taste and don't want anymore. I find this to be true. I might make a cake sweetened only with maple syrup, and it's really yummy, but at a certain point my body says "Okay, enough maple syrup!" and I don't want anything else sweet. As a side benefit, these sweeteners are a lot better for you.

-Don't try to quit or give it up. That's begging for rebellion! Just aim to cut back.
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