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Experience nap-weaning before night-weaning?

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Hi all,
I'm not sure my ds and I are ready for full-on night weaning (He is 16 mo). I was considering a trial run with naps. Currently, ds is napping once or twice per day. Especially with longer naps, I frequently nurse him back down in the middle. Sometimes during a 2.5 hour nap, I'm nursing him 3-4 times. (What a break!

So, any experience with this? I don't even know what I could do. Right now, he nurses to sleep on his futon, then I de-latch and leave the room. He can also sleep in the car and in his stroller. I'm afraid if I don't nurse him back down, and just try patting his bum or rubbing his back, that he'll just cry and eventually get up before he is really through - making the rest of the day difficult.

Sometime soon, esp if I become pregnant, I'd like to pursue night-weaning with dh's help. Right now, his typical night includes a couple nursings between 11PM and 4AM, then a lot of cluster nursing from 4AM to 6:30AM. Then up for the day. We co-sleep, and for some reason I'm not sleeping through his nursings as well and not getting too much rest when he naps. I'm getting tired and concerned about trying to keep up with him and the bf'ing if/when pregnant!!
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good luck! i tried it and couldn't get dd to sleep. but that's always been an issue for her. i really need dh arround to help with weaning transitions. so now dd's nursing schedule is so bizzare: before nap, afternap, and 2am. that doesn't mean you can't do it!
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