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It's different for everybody.Looking from a perspective of 17+ years in I'd have to say perseverance.Perseverance in the face of critism from family,friends and neighbors that eventually turns to admiration.It took about ten years.Lack of other options.The public schools here are dismal (I used to teach there)

It's definately become more a life style than anything else.When you abandon the mind set of "o,k, I have to get up and go to school" Everything becomes a learning opportunity" and curiosity is piqued.Which of course leads to more questions and wondering and exploring.

You do have to find a rythm to your days.For me it's never been hard,Sort of like a living meditation.Yes there is burn out,but thats apart of life and you get through it.

Lastly patience.If you don't think you posess it when you start,you'll find you have it in abundance by the time you finish.Pretty much trial by fire.Hs is certainly a make you or break you experience,but then so much of life is.I guess it's more of a question of what your're up for!
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