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Have you ever met anyone that you thought should not be homeschooling their kids (I am not asking about families that decide public/private school is a better fit for them)? Why?
Yes, although some people here might not agree with my reasons.

I was friendly with a woman who I met through homeschooling. I was "the homeschooler" in the neighborhood and she came to me when she decided she wanted to homeschool, in order to ask questions. It was a military community so we were complete strangers prior to that.

She was extremely over-protective of both her kids, and downright coddling of her son. Her daugher was 12 and wasn't allowed to walk the distance between her house and mine without supervision. We lived three houses apart. Her son was almost 8 and still wouldn't wipe his own backside....seriously. All he would eat was chicken nuggets and Ovaltine.

Maybe these sorts of things have nothing to do with homeschooling.....IDK. I just think she was a crazy woman and a weird parent. I began to think her kids would be better off away from her ultra-controlling, enabling personality.
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