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OK pardon the saying but when I read the question the first thing that popped into my head was "damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!"
: that really struck me funny!

I've been unschooling about 11 years. My answer to your questions is two fold: My number one quality is the ability to think outside of the traditional educational mindset. To be able to distance oneself from schooling in general - including timetables, achievement, grade levels, and school subject categories. It isn't easy to do. Most of us attended school throughout our entire childhoods and beyond....we have been conditioned to think in terms of this relatively new societal construct. (school)

Once we can distance ourselves from this type of thinking, we can approach each child with a blank slate........and look into their souls to see how to nurture them. And it makes for a much happier, more relaxed & contented path.

Secondly, I would say a sense of humor & zest for life. Both of these qualities are abundantly good for getting us through the messy houses & growth needed.
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