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Patience and perseverance are a must

I am in my 8th year homeschooling my children and sometimes I wonder if I should be homeschooling!
I think the most successful homeschoolers I know are the ones that look at homeschooling as a part of life. They are not recreating school at home. They know their children and do what is best for their children and don't worry about being behind or what the public schools are doing.
There is definitely a certain level of commitment one has to have. It is fine to take a day off if everyone needs a break and is not in the mood for "school", but I think you need to be careful not to do that too often.
Organization certainly helps. I am not a good planner, so we tend to fly by the seats of our pants a little too often. I have to really discipline myself to sit down and look at our goals and see if we are working towards them.
That is another thing; goals. I think the best homeschoolers are the ones who create achievable goals for their children and then work towards them rather than give their child a 2nd grade workbook because they are (or would be in public school) in 2nd grade.

I hope this is making sense. I am trying to do a few things at once and am hurrying a bit.
Looking forward to others answers.
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