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Experiences w/ particular hs arrangement?

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Someone approached me last year about a specific homeschool arrangement where we would find a group of 3-5 homeschooling women and each take a day of the week or 2 to have the "classroom" at their house. Their areas of interest would be varied...perhaps someone who spoke a certain language in their day to day life, someone with a knack for music, art, etc.

We are moving from this area so I have to decline getting more involved in the discussion...but I can't stop thinking about it.

Does this type of "homeschooling" have a name?

It would suit me better than classic hs because I have a daughter who seems to respect others more than me
and I really want her to get other teaching perspectives during her education (she's only 3 so we are just starting to explore all of our edu. options) in life. I will also need to work at least 2 or 3 full days a week.

Just wondered if you fine mamas have any experience with this set-up.
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This sounds like a homeschooling co-op.
generally that would fall under the catagory of a co-op. depending on how they did it co-oping can be anything from 2-3 families getting togetehr once a month to work on somehting or full on school run by moms, in a rented building and with a schedule and homework etc. . .

what you described sounds somewhere in the middle. I am assuming that each family would be responsible for the basic then? or would everyone use the same cirriculum and each parent take the basics along with thier specialty? there are so many variables. the most important thing when co-oping is that everyone agree in the terms and stick with it and do thier share.

out hs group does a 2 week co-op at the end of the school year. it was a lot of fun this year but we didn't have nearly enough parents helping and some of the kids from less structured educational environments were just there to play and got upset when we asked them to leave so the other children could learn. So it is very important that everyone understands what is expected etc. . . consider the learning styles of the families involved. unschoolers, ecclectics and school at homersare are going to all have pretty dramaticly different ideas about how things shhould be done and how thier children need to behave while they are there.
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