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Explain the logic of this? Please????

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SBX has a lot of issues taking his parenting time so I am currently trying to be flexible and offered him from 5pm Sunday to 5pm Monday instead of 10am Moinday to 10am Tuesday which is when he is supposed to have our three boys. I said those times just because they were what popped int my mind. Keep in mind that I only found out he was backing out of regular parenting time (Monday to Tuesday) on Saturday. So this morning two of the three boys asked if they could stay with their Dad until 8pm. I'm fine with that but suggested they ask their dad. He called me and said he would keep them until 8pm as long as I came to pick them up. If I refuse to pick them up he will drop them off at 5pm. (He is court ordered to do all the pick ups and drop offs). Is this yet another control tactic? Is sbx finally losing it? He moved 30 miles away fgrom us if that has anything to do with the issue.
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Youngest son decided he didn't want to go, so rather than be a parent and tell him to get in the van sbx decided he was leaving youngest son behind! I said either they all go or none of them go. I wish that ^&%&^ would man up and be a parent!!! Oh, and he got out his nice little camera phone and filmed it.

so did he take all the boys, or none? i can't believe he "decided" to just not take your youngest. that is so uncool.

regarding the original issue, i have no idea. i like having some flexibility, but if it started getting annoying then maybe i would want to stick to the schedule. what was his reason for backing out?
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Are visitation times in the court order as well? I've found that whenever I show that I'm willing to deviate from the court order for my ex in-laws, they take it as an invitation to stir up some drama. You can bet that if you say no to picking them up at 8pm, he'll tell the kids in a way that makes you sound like the bad guy. He's showing that he can't maturely handle flexibility.
The behavior of so-called grown-ups never ceases to amaze me! I cannot even imagine the nerve of your stbx.
I refused to let him take any of the boys so he threatened me with court, filmed the whole thing cause I am such a bad parent, oh and said he didn't cancel original parenting time which was supposed to be 10am today to 10am tuesday. I had the boys all ready to go and of cause he didn't arrive.

I sent him an email explaining if he wants to cancel visitation he has to give me notice and do it by email, that way I can print the emails out for court to show how often he cancels. I also sent a list of all his parenting time dates and times for the next 2 1/2 months so he has no excuse about not knowing when they are.

I told him how i make a record of every time he is late picking up the boys, every time he cancels and every time he drops them off early and he through a total fit about it. Saying how I didn't have to do it and only did it to make him look bad. he really has no clue and his behaviour is regressing!

Oh, and you know how he didn't pick the boys up today? he's at his moms house, not working!!!! What a UAV!!!
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Hugs... so far I haven't run into issues with XH stepping up. Just some really disrespectful comments in front of dd.
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