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Exposure to Chicken pox in first trimester??

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Quick! I need to know if it's okay to be exposed to chicken pox in the first trimester of pregnancy? I am already immune myself.

The reason I ask is because I have an opportunity to expose my three-year-olds to Chicken Pox, and the timing would be pretty ideal (aside from the fact that I'm 8 weeks pregnant and not feeling great). So, assuming that the exposure was successful for my boys, it would be a fairly long-term exposure for me and the belly babe.

Let me know what you think!!


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Lex- I exposed dd to CP in my first trimester. You are safe as well as your baby as long as you don't get it yourself. So what I didd was make darned well sure that I had had it before, and I recalled previous exposures where I did not contract CP myself (I wass a nanny and never got it.) So I figured I was immune. DD had it and I was fine of course.

If you are really nervous about your own immunity and you have time, you could request a titer to check your own immunity...

In the old days (10 years ago, lol!) pregnant women were exposed to the virus all the time. But they were unnafected cause they had already had it. Now due to mass immunization we run the risk of harming our babies if we are exposed and do not carry life-long immunity! Geesh. I love vaxes! NOT!

Even if you got chicken pox as a child, your immunity could have worn off. As long as you know you're immune, you should be fine. I think it's pretty routine for OBs to run chicken pox titers at the first prenatal visit. If you're seeing one, it should be pretty easy to get the results. HTH.
Thanks for the responses. I know I am immune because I just had a titer right before I got pg, due to working at a hospital. But I'm still a little nervous about it for some reason. I think maybe I'm more nervous about how sick I am. . . maybe adding two itchy three-year-olds to the mix isn't the best idea right now. Dw is definitely not on board, so we'll probably have to pass. I hate to miss the opportunity, though.

Thanks again!

i was in the same situation! even though i natural immunity, i declined a pox party invite for my 18 month old. just felt odd. it turned out that we were unknowingly exposed a few weeks later. ds didn't get it though. another opportunity will arrise!

as for immunity - natural immunity doesn't wear off. if you have had chicken pox (not the vax) you are immune* (* there are rare cases where people will get them twice, but it is normally due to a very mild case the first time around)

i hope you feel better soon!
Uh, sorry you are so sick- just for a btdt... I was on the couch for 3 months, had to go outside and puke when dh made anything green, lol. Anywho.. I exposed dd none the less (didn't want to miss the opportunity, didn;t want her to get much older, and didn't want to deal with it when I had a new baby) and the reality for us was that it was great timing. DD was really lying low, and we snuggled and moaned on the couch together for a week. We had a bath every day sometimes a few times a day. Read sooo many books, took naps, etc. It was great having a couch potato companion!

Luck to you,
Lex - if you're nervous about, I'd say trust your instincts. I am a true believer in intuition! Sorry you're feeling so rotten.
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