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Luckily, my MIL felt she was too "old" to know much about the new way of doing things. She was interested in learning, especially about nursing, etc. It was my mom I had a problem with. She spanked my oldest (oldest grandchild, I did not have the luxury of being prepared but should have known, she spanked me). She knew my feelings on it and did it anyway. She did not see Beth unsupervised for about a year. Recently I heard her threaten her with a spanking and reminded her that she would be be free to see them whenever she wanted to if she laid a hand on either of them.

I agree, DH HAS to be on board. He probably needs to be the one to confront the situation. But, if he can't or the situation can't be improved, consider staying out of the situation as long as possible. But, since it is not your family but his, at the very least, you both need to handle it. You should not alone.
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