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extended homeopathy for decay-calcarea phosphica

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Hi. I know many of you give calcarea phosphorica for decay. I use to, too. But, it is my understanding that a homeopathic remedy should be not taken indefinately and only for a specific period of time. How did you all know when to stop?
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Chronic problems should not be handled by the home prescriber. You should definitely see a professoinal who will know what to do for your precise situation. There is no blanket answer for everyone in homeopathy; some may take the remedy only once while others may need to take it for an extended period. I've been using homeopathy for my family's acute health problems for years but I would not touch a chronic problem like this with a ten foot pole.
thank you, that is what i was looking for. does anyone know what a "constitutional" consists of in classical homeopathy?
A constitutional remedy basically fits your whole person taking into account everything about you: your emotions, your likes/dislikes, your physical body, how you get sick, your health weaknesses (i.e. propensity for tooth decay). All of these things are compiled to come up with a consitutional remedy that will sort of put your body back into balance, I guess, it's kind of hard to describe. Someone who is suffering a chronic tooth decay problem would probably be prescribed a const. remedy by a professional, which is why I recommended you see a prof. for this problem - it's possible that calc. phos. is not even the right remedy for your child.

Anyway, it's kind of hard to describe, maybe do a web search if I've made no sense.

Best of luck to you!
Thank you! You have cleared up a lot, I just got Miranda Castro's book, I hear it is very helpful. Thanks Again...Aimee
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