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Extra fluoride needed during chemotherapy?

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anyone have info on this. My dentist fitted me for fluoride trays, as I was told w/ chemo it would cause dry mouth causing less saliva, making me prone to dental problems and more caviites.

Any validity to this?
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I don't know, but I noticed your thread and wanted to suggest that there is a product--I forget what it is called--that is basically artificial saliva.

I had horrible dry-mouth issues with some medications I was taking a few years back and that stuff (while kind of gross to contemplate) was a lifesaver.

Perhaps ask about something like this? I read about it somewhere or other and asked at the pharmacy and they found it for me.
Your mouth will most likely undergo changes during chemo. I got dry mouth during some cycles of Taxotere. I was lucky not to have developed much in the way of mouthsores, but many people do get them.

I think the key thing is to try to keep your mouth clean. I got a very soft bristled brush and brushed a few extra times a day. I also used Biotene mouthwash, which is alcohol-free, and helps with the dry mouth.

I did not have any problems with cavities developing, and I have lousy teeth, but I do know that many people do get cavities during chemo.

If you develop mouthsores, there are several mouthwashes that your oncologist can prescribe to help with the problem.
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