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Extreme NIPing

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Calling all Extreme niping stories!! I want to hear...

ok.. ok.. i'll go first.

I was at the dentist and i had my mom there so she could watch my 10 mo. old babe in the waiting room... Well as i was sitting in the dentist chair i could hear my babe crying for me.. even though my mom was very attentive and was even walking him in the sling up and down the hall .. he just wanted mama.

So I called for my mom and got my babe... my mom even though she bf us.. she is very embarresed about nipping...but she is respectful of my decisions.. so i took the babe and as my mom was saying "this is foolishness.. just foolish" i brought my son to lay on me as the doctor worked.. he was happy just laying there for a bit then he wanted to nurse... thank goodness we had just figured out how to nurse with me laying on my back.. so i layed my sweater over my belly and the paper bib covered the rest.. ( i think) and everyone was happy..

The doctor was very supportive.. he made like it was the most natural thing in the world.. He is also from africa so i don't know could be a cultural thing.. but it was awesome.. now i know i have a cool dentist and my babe can be happy.

so what other crazy places have you'all nursed!!!

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I was sitting in front of the MC's stand at a powwow, right smack in the middle of the army guards...they were sitting, too. Then the arena director asked the army girls if they minded, to which the one woman gasped, "I didn't even notice! Of course I do NOT mind."
It was the ONLY shade around.

We have been demanding for years now that they need to put up a tent or something for the nursing mothers. Maybe someday.
My best ones are:

At the OB/GYN, *while* I was having my exam. My 6 weeks pp exam, actually.

In the back of a police cruiser. (We had gotten in an accident and were in the car to stay warm and dry- it was sleeting out)

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I guess my most extreme was at the Native American center during a winter social. Lots of people. One person did look at me funny, but I got to talk to another mom about her still bfing her toddler. I told her to keep up the good work.

The hardest one for me was at a pizza place with my family (mom, step-father, sister, and my kids). I have bfed in front of all of them and the only one who has any sort of issue is my sis, but that doesn't bother me. I just wasn'r ready for the thought of in front of family and public LOL.

in the middle of a parade!

I had missed sight of dd on the float b/c i was on the wrong side to see her so I crossed in between twoo other floats.
I also nursed both my babies during my 6 week PP visit at the OB's office. I also nursed at the zoo next to a kids play area. I was pregnant at the time, so I drew quite a few looks from nervous parents. My daughter kind of used my belly as a pillow! I've never been shy about nursing in public, though. Don't know if the lack of modesty is good or bad, but it works!
I was at Planned Parenthood about to get my IUD!
DD had been ok when I went back but the minute the door swung shut she lost it. Poor DH had no idea what to do. He walked up to the front and asked if he could go back to where I was. I could hear them in the hall.
He walked through the door, handed her to me, I latched her on in my paper gown, he sat down, and we got our talking to about IUD's. The lady was thrilled!
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i was getting my hair cut when my 20 mo. dd started crying to nurse (mil was watching her), so i nursed her AND i was pg at the time! gave my beautician an eyeful!
oh yeah, and when i was getting professional pregnancy photos done. when she wanted to nurse, i asked if it was ok to nurse, while the photos were being taken. photographer was like "yeah, i thought you had to stop while you were pg. i stopped when i became pg b/c the dr. said to and always felt bad about it... be my guest!" you should see how BEAUTIFUL the pics came out of her nursing! she set it up with tulle alll over the floor with a sepia tone and filter to make it look "dreamy"... beautiful!!!
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Originally Posted by jee'smom
you should see how BEAUTIFUL the pics came out of her nursing! she set it up with tulle alll over the floor with a sepia tone and filter to make it look "dreamy"... beautiful!!!
Ohhh...that sounds lovely!!
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While I had my IUD placed! Hah! But we do whatever we have to, right?!
5 minutes after getting to my room after having my thyroidectomy, while I was asleep can't stop a toddler from their nursies! I fell asleep after she latched on, and she just kept going.

At a wedding, during the ceremony, right up front.

At my 6 week pp appt...who hasn't right?

Actually, my dd is a boob addict and nurses pretty much everywhere we go, so name a place you'd go in 2 years, and we've done it
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I volunteered at our local swim team's swim meet as a timer. My dd wanted to nurse (of course) while I was timing. So with a timer in one hand and dd in the other, I kept time for lane 6. I only got one comment and it was from a man about how women are such great multitaskers.
I'd have to say it was when I nursed my 2 yr old dd and my 5 month old ds together at the airport.It's mighty hard to be discreet and nurse two simultaneously.
Walking through the mall on a Saturday afternoon, WITH both MIL and FIL.

DD was cranky, needed a quick nap to reboot, but I knew the only way she'd drop off was to nurse.

So we left the store and sat down on a chair in the middle of the main hall, where I latched her on, and she promptly dropped off.

Too soon, MIL and FIL were done with the store. Rather than make them hang around until DD woke up, we took off down the mall. But no way was I going to take DD off the breast, and risk waking her!

So there I was - striding down the mall with my shirt hiked up, and a sleeping one-year-old with her face buried in my chest.

MIL and FIL never said a word.

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No real "extreme" NIP stories yet . . . but dd is only 3 weeks old; give me time!

So far my most extreme nursing session was at a family birthday celebration last Saturday, in my ILs' living room. Present were: MIL, FIL, both of DH's grandmothers, DH's aunt and uncle, both of his (adult) cousins and their significant others. I expected a little discomfort from at least SOME of them, but everyone was very mellow about it.

I am looking forward to being an outspoken NIP advocate in the years to come; finally, my complete lack of modesty will come in handy!
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Okay, mine is so extreme that I'm kind of embarassed to write it up--even among this supportive group of breastfeeders!

But, here it is:

I was grocery shopping with my twin two-year-olds. They were both standing in the cart, facing me, tandem nursing while I pushed the cart around. It was extreme both for my breasts (who had to withstand all the bumps and jerks of the cart), and the fact that I was surrounded by other shoppers!

I have also nursed on the exam table while getting examined, on my son's hospital bed while we were getting pushed through the hospital after his surgery, in airports, parks, stores. . . I don't think there's anywhere that I've been since my boys were born where I haven't tandem nursed my boys!

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Okay, this isn't really extreme, but due to the sheer number of older male relatives and the fact that I was so new to nursing, I think it's worth mentioning:

My ds was 4 weeks old at Christmas, and was nursing about every 10 minutes at the time.

Because ds was due so close to Christmas and we would likely be unable to travel, my mom had invited a bunch of relatives to come stay and have Christmas in our neck of the woods (she is VP of a small lakeside resort, so she got everyone discounted rooms).

Well, we ended up with about 35 friends and family in our little gathering, and I'm pretty sure I had ds latched on through every single get-together. Nursed through several meals, card games, board games, a boating trip, gift exchange...and my super-cool family was nothing but supportive.

I'm can only hope that dh's super-mainstream family will be so laid-back about it next Christmas when ds is one!
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I nursed while getting a haircut. DD was cranky, so I got her out of the stroller and put her under the apron. She was happy as a clam and went right to sleep for the rest of the haircut!

I've also nursed directly after surgery (remarkably enough a thyroidectomy, too, Emily12581), in the drs office, during exams, in the grocery, at the Renaissance Fair (believe me w/all the breasts being flashed around one of those, nursing is NO big deal!), I've been nursing sooo long now (going on four years of nursing one kiddo or another) my nursing stories seem to run together.

Of course, I must say the twins in the grocery cart beats any of the stories I've got!!!
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