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eye contact at 6 months

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My 6.5 month dd won't look me in the eye often when I hold here. She is always looking around. When I am not holding her she seems to look at me more. Is this normal?
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did she used to look you in the eye but then discovered the world, or has she always not looked at you?
as long as she does it sometimes- like when you're feeding her, talking to her, doing something funny to make her laugh, then it's fine. when they talk about babies who don't make good eye contact, they mean it's literally almost impossible to get the baby's attention to look at your face. it's normal for them to get distracted especially as they get older.
It sounds completely normal to me. When she's on your lap she feels so safe and secure that she wants to look around at the world. When she's not on your lap she wants to make sure she's okay, so she looks at you more. She sounds very attached to me.
My 4-m-o is the same. When I'm holdng him it's usually very hard to catch his eye. If I want him to look at me I put him down or hand him to Daddy.
Thanks! I won't worry too much. She does look at me when I make funny noises etc...but sometimes she actually avoids me when I try to get in her line of visions she moves repeatedly. I guess she just figures she has seen me enough and wants to see new stuff.
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