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A lot of drs. don't know that nursing affects a person's vision. But it does. It makes the vision fluctuate, so that what was the perfect prescription when they did the testing may be totally wrong when you get the glasses. I tried three times while nursing, and always ended up with glasses that made me crazy (one time they were treating me for astygmatism (sp?) that I don't have!). So I ended up going back to the old prescription. Now that ds is only nursing 2x/day, my vision has pretty much stabilized and my old prescription works fine! I'd just stick with it if it's not too far off. If it's really bad, go ahead and give it a try. But be aware that the new glasses may not work. Be sure to get them from some place that has a generous return policy! And you might want to get them checked for glaucoma, if it's been a long time for that.

It's been a good 8 years since I've had my eyes tested and I'm having a lot of vision problems with one eye.
You may want to have that checked. You could see an opthamologist, instead of an optometrist, and they'd know more what to look for, and they're more likely (although I wouldn't count on it, either) to know how nursing effects the vision. I've had some trouble with one eye, and not a regular vision change like an optometrist can help with. The opthamologist wanted to do surgery, but I decided to try acupuncture first, and we've all been impressed with the results. Of course, that little tidbit was pretty OT, oh well.

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