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Eye Ointment/Normal Flora? Later Tear Duct Issues

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I read the book Good Germs, Bad Germs a while ago, and it got me thinking about the eye goop. Wouldn't you disrupt the normal bacterial flora of the tear duct by using a preventative antibiotic?

We are pregnant with #3, and both of our other two received the eye goop. Both had chronic tear duct issues for their first few months. Has anyone else had a child with chronic tear duct infections/clogs? If so, did you use the eye goop or not?

I'd love to hear any thoughts on these issues!


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Yes, I have heard aboutt he same thing, but my experience is that it didn't make a difference for us. With ds #1 we did the ointment, and we had 6 months of a blocked tear duct. With ds#2, we didn't do the ointment and the same thing happened. With the others, we didn't use the ointment on most of them and two more have had this problem. The last one got ointment, and had no problems at all. We have seven children total, expecting #8 in March. I have been GBS negative each time also, don't know if it makes a difference though. So in our case it ddin't seem to make a difference. I don't think there seems to be a correlation with the eye ointment, but I could see how different vaginal flora could effect this. BTW, when they had this problem, we always used breast milk in the affected eye to help. You can drip it right in, and it has natural antibacterial properties. Hope this helps,
I know lots of kids with chronic tear duct issues, but I have noticed no correlation between that and use of the antibiotic ointment. My first had tear duct issues, my second didn't, and we did the eye goop on both of them. (FWIW, we won't be doing eye goop on #3.)
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