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eye rubbing

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my 7.5 mo dd rubs her eyes a lot. sometimes the reason is obvious: either she is tired and needs to sleep or has just woken up. but sometimes she does it just whenever, and the most baffling is that she frequently does it in her sleep. those rubs often lead to waking up, so i've started trying to gently stop her if she does it in her sleep.

any ideas on why she does this? i'm thinking it is not seasonal allergies since she's been doing it for quite some time now; we do have a dog though so possibly his fur is bugging her?
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It is possible the dog is bothering her. Maybe have someone watch the dog for a couple of weeks at their house so you can see if there's any change. It may also be dust.
darnit I should have paid attention a couple weeks ago when we were out of town for a week without the dog...but I didn't!

My other thought was maybe it was just some sort of "it feels good when I do this" type of thing. I guess that is what I am hoping, since the dog is here to stay too!
It could be anything really. A doctor might be able to tell you if it's allergy related or not.

I do have to ask though...
The dog is there to stay even if you manage to proove that your dd is allergic? I can understand a pet is part of the family, but allergies can cause breathing troubles just as asthma can.
My LO has done this a lot today. My DH thought MAYBE it is teething related. All those nerves are very connected. Its just a theory. My DH had Bels Paulsy so thats where he got the idea.

I understand not getting rid of the dog. If LO was allergic to the cats Id be between a rock and a hard place. We've had them for 7 years and they are our first children. Giving them awa would be like giving our baby away!
My babe does this a lot too. I always just figure she's tired (unless she doesn't go to sleep when I put her down.) She's been waking up a lot during the night due to teething, so I can understand her being tired. She doesn't do it all day long though, just usually around the times when she'd normally take a nap anyway.
I guess I am just doubtful that she has any serious allergy...she seems to have no breathing issues, just this quirky eye-rub thing.

DD has also been up A LOT too. In fact it is 2:45 AM right now and here I am! Maybe she is tired a lot from it, or maybe the rubbing is related to teething, I know ear pulling can be (which she also does sometimes). I don't know what Bels Paulsy is though?
Bels Paulsy is when your face goes paralyed. I'm only mentioning it because from it you can realize hoe face nerves are connected, like your mouth and eye will both droop at the same time.
my little guy does this too, he's five months old. i think it's a combination of the fact i am a bad housewife and the season. our dog is shedding like a fiend and her skin has been making a bit of dander for the last couple of months. now that the weather is nicer, i can tie her up outside and hose her down. maybe intense grooming session with the dog coupled with a house cleaning will do the trick, get rid of the fur and dander at the same time.
and have you tried this....
it's a godsend. we have a st. bernard and it REALLY cuts down on the fur tumbleweeds.
DD did this a lot when she was teething, for a few days before the teeth came in. In her sleep, almost constantly. As soon as the tooth popped, she stopped.
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