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Fabric for sale: Alexander Henry, Michael ******, Robert Kaufman, Bob the builder etc

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Price does not include shipping. I'll cut as long as I don't end up less than 3/4 yd. I'll ship the cheapest way.

Cotton Wovens:

Alexander Henry "Yarn". 3 Yd 20". $4.00/yd

Kaufman "Wood Cuts". 5Yd 8". $4.00/yd

Alexander Henry Snake quilter cottonI have two 5 yd piece. Good for bedding in boy room. $4.00/yd.

Kaufman Beer on blue. This is lighter weight than quilter cotton, good for clothing. I have three pieces. 5 1/4 yd, 3 1/4 yd, and 2 1/4 yd. $4.00/yd.

Kaufman Beer on yellow. Good for clothing. 3 yd. $4.00/yd.

Bob the Builder tools. Smals tools printed on orange background. I have a 3 yd piece and 1 yd 30" piece. $4.00/yd.

Bob the Builder "Can We Fix It". Has "Can We Fix It" and "Yes we can" printed on orange background. 4 yd 33". $4.00/yd.

Micheal ****** "Southwest" on green. Quilter cotton, 1yd 26". $4.00/yd

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