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Bear with me... I have some good fabric for sale, but am sewing-challenged and am not sure that I'm using all of the correct terminology
I've listed fabric type and size and any other details that seem relevant:


Hemp Fleece
56" x 63.5" (It actually measures 28" in width because it's in a "tube")

Lt. Grey-ish Blue MM Fleece (light-weight)
36" x 45"

Lt. Grey MM Fleece (mid-weight)
43" x 58"

Med. Grey MM Fleece (heavy-weight)
19.5" x 64"

Dark Charcoal Gray MM Fleece (heavy-weight)
24" x 72"

** Please note that my light/mid/heavy weight scale is me judging the fabrics in relation to one another. The lightest is of the weight that is often used for diaper liners. The others would be great for coat and lining.


Dark Blue Denim
30" x 62"

Lt. Grey Denim (really pretty!)
23" x 58"

Sage Green Denim (light-weight)
25" x 53.5"


2 Burda Easy Patterns - never been used... or unfolded, actually

1) #9906 - 2 different hooded winter coats; very similar in style to the WAHM hooded coats I've seen. Suggested fabrics are quilted with backing, fleece, or plush. Goes up to 18 months.

2) #5318 - Has 3 types of pants (elasticized waists, 2 with roll-up cuffs and 1 with elasticized cuffs; 1 has pockets, the other has a "patch" look on the rear-end... really cute). Also has two types of overalls - 1 with button shoulders and elasticized cuffs and 1 with roll-up cuffs. Goes up to 3T. These pants are extremely roomy and would be great for cloth-diapered bums. Suggested fabrics are denim, sweatshirting & cottons plus corduroy for one of the overalls. They look to me as though they would work well with fleece, also.

** I bought enough of the 3 denims to make the pants in size 2T and also have the notions (minus the tracing paper) for these that I'll include if you buy the pattern and the denims. I also bought a huge roll of super-soft natural colored cotton flannel for lining the pants and will include this, as well.


I'm open to any reasonable offer. As for funds, I can take money orders, personal checks (with time for clearing) and non-credit card Paypal.

Thanks for looking!
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