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Failed the 1hr. Glucose Test

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I cross-posted this on the Due Date Club board:

but I will not take the 3 hour test this time but instead opted to meet up with a dietitican etc. so I can monitor my bloodsugar at home. I had a similar scenario in my first pregnancy (failing the one hour/ passing the 3 hour) but my gut feeling this time is that I wouldn't pass this long and horrible test. I haven't been eating really well (due to some nausea/food aversion issues and major carb cravings), DS is measuring about 2 weeks big, I've had some panic attacks in this pregnancy.......but here's my question. What am I supposed to eat now? My friend who had GD in her last pregnancy made it sound like she basically had to follow an Atkins-like diet with only up to 20gr. carbs per meal That doesn't sound too good to me. I'm aware about cutting out any sweets, extra sugar, juice...but other than that? My Dr. appointment is coming up on Friday, so if anyone here has some tips for me I'd really appreciate it.

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This article really opened my eyes about GD
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