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Originally Posted by loving-my-babies
Also, if he in fact is high needs, then you definetely need more help & time to yourself so that you can cope with this. I recommend pumping and giving that milk to baby if you are about to flip out and need to disconnect.

I'm sorry I don't have any more advice, and I hope it gets better for you.


I have to say, if you are looking for rest and more time, then pumping is not the answer. It only adds to the time you are tied down, not to mention how difficult it is to pump and run after a toddler (I know from personal experience). It will likely end up being more stressful than just nursing in the first place.

To the OP, I'm sorry you are going through this velcro-baby phase. My first was like this, but I didn't have a toddler to chase after either. I second the recommendation for the Dr. Sears book. It was incredibly validating. Is it possible for you to nurse lying down? That way, at least, you can rest while the baby nurses.

I would also urge you to get a mother's helper. I know you said you weren't comfortable with it, but if you are in the house (even in the same room), it can give your toddler a playmate while you deal with the baby. It might ease some of your guilt and stress. I would think that would be better than television, kwim?

I understand feeling touched out. I really, really do. I'm sorry you are having a hard time. It does get easier. Try to take some time every day to yourself. Take a nice bubble bath or go out for a walk. Maybe put the baby in a stroller and walk. You didn't mention if he will tolerate that.

mama. Hang in there.

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