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From my pre-natal breastfeeding class notes, the growth spurts come at:

10 days
3 weeks
6 weeks
3 months
6 months

Your baby may still be nursing extra because of the 3 month growth spurt. If you think about it, if there is one at 10 days and one at three weeks, they sort of blend together. Then there is one at 6 weeks and one at three months--those are also close together. You could really feel like you are nursing constantly!

But maybe the constant nursing will let up a bit shortly, if it corresponds to the growth spurt thing.

If your breast is sore, you might have a latch issue and it might be a good thing to see an IBCLC.

I don't have great advice otherwise, I was working outside the home FT when my son was this age. Also it was my first (also a superbaby!) I hope you can get some relief. My dh has a great rocking routine to get the baby to sleep when I'm not here, he uses music and dances with him. Perhaps your dh can try that. Good bonding time for them.

I recall that at three months my sweetie still got the screaming meemies in the evenings, so that's something to keep in mind also. This may all be a passing phase!
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