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It's been a month since I wrote that desperate post, and to my great pleasure, things have changed a lot. Thank you all for your support.

At 4 mos, baby boy seems like a different kid. He lets most anyone hold him, smiles a lot, makes raspberries, plays with his toes and laughs. His naps are longer, maybe 2-3 naps, 30-40 mins each, if I'm lucky. I still can't put him down successfully at bedtime, but we're working on that. Right now I lay with him, nurse and pat him till he falls asleep. He'll wake in about 20 mins when he realizes he's alone. Often I can just lay beside him again, talk or sing softly and pat him back to sleep. Sometimes he'll want to nurse. He and I sleep together, dh sleeps downstairs by himself. We're all ok with this situation for now. Baby wakes just 2-3 times now to nurse at night. I'm ok with that too.

He doesn't need to suck on me constantly anymore. He still needs/wants to be held all day, but will spend a few mins in an exersaucer when I need to put him down. DS1 is better about leaving us alone to nurse somewhere quiet and dark. Baby has a hard time nursing where there are any distractions, or where things look different than the bed we nurse most often in.

We called my inlaws to stay with us shortly after that desperate post. They cleaned, cooked and played with ds1 for a week, while baby and I could be together. It helped tremendously.

At the dr appt last month, when I wanted to ask for meds for silent reflux, the dr instead though baby was HUNGRY! His weight gain had dropped him from the 33% to the 7th, and she quickly diagnosed that I had a low milk supply. Now I don't know how true that is, but I spent lots of time with the lactation consultants, ate lots of fenugreek, actually took time to eat real food (!) and tried to rest. The LC I found to be the least helpful. THey (yep, I saw 2) suggested I pump all day to see what I get then bottlefeed. I thought that was a crap answer setting me up to feel like a failure. First, baby doesn't take a bottle (they had me bring 2 different ones for them to see for themselves
), second, you pump less than baby actually takes out himself, third, he needs to pacify himself on me. I thought if they were that concerned about how many oz I produce, they could rent me a hospital grade scale and I could weigh him before and after a feeding.

Anyway, the pediatrician recommended I offer him some cereal, though I had planned to wait till 6 mos, it helps a bit too. He LOVES it mixed with some mashed banana. Whether his problems were truly because I wasnt' taking care of myself, got run down and therefore had low milk supply, or it's coincidence, but Baby's weight gain is back where they're happy, baby isn't as fussy, and I'm not crazy.

DH can hold him for a little while so I can shower, pay bills, or just do whatever it is that I need to. I'm not ready to go out for more than an hour without babe, but I dont' think that's necessary anyway. I would really like to sew again, but I think that's still a while off.

So, we're all happier now. Actually, I'm wondering about having a third!

But we'll wait a year or so to see how everything goes

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Hooray for you!
It really sounds as if you were proactive about finding a solution without sacrificing your principles. Two things I wanted to add.

1. I'm on my third babe, and it has finally hit me that things don't start getting better at six weeks, it's more like six months! Also, once Baby can sit up on his own, it opens up a whole new world.

2. As difficult as it is to get out the door with two little ones, I really find that when we are out Baby is entertained by what is going on and much less inclined to be a velcro baby attached at the boob.

Congratulations again!
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