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faint positive on pg test...

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OK, I am off the wall. I have been charting on fertility friend. I always thought I ovulated on CD 12, but FF tells me it is CD 17. Today is CD 26 and I got a very faint pink line on my pg test. I want to be happy but I am nervous that I am going to get excited and it wil turn out to be a false positive. My period is due tomorrow so I will feel better and not so freaked out if aunt flo doen't show.

DH and I have been TTC (under the assumption that I ovulated on CD 12) for over a year now, so this is so surreal! My son DOran was born still at 35w3d in July 2005, another reason for my panickyness.

I guess I just needed to get that out- are there ever false positives as long as you do the test exactly as stated and don't read it after the time stated? Thanks for listening to the rantngs of a mad woman.

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I had a similar bfp a few weeks ago. They say everyones hcg levels are different. Congratulations!
my last pregnancy test was so faint i could barely see it, my baby is now on my lap, good luck to you, hugs.
Congratulations! They do say that a positive is a positive no matter how faint! I'll look forward to seeing you over at the pregnant after loss thread.
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Positive means positive! congratulations!
(My first baby died as well and it was so incredibly stressful trying to conceive and even then the worry until I held her alive in my arms.)
Thank you! I took six tests and all positive! My osteopath said I can probably stop taking them now but I kept on thinking maybe I was doing it wrong or something- it seemed too good to be true!

So it looks like, so far, I am due Nov 27. I think this board will be the perfect place for me, wtih so many other women who have had successful pregnancies after loss. I am of course doingsome worrying...

Thanks again!!!
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Oh, yea! Congratulations!! My test was also extraordinarily faint, and I am 19 weeks pg now. I agree with what is said -- a positive is a positive. Obviously so with you, as well.

FWIW, I have had a false positive. I got a positive HPT, went to my clinic to get a blood test and that was negative. In the end, I wrote a letter to the HPT company and they sent me $25 as a refund. I was still bummed about it though, since I had been TTC.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is wonderful, Mommy!
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