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My kids are 6 and 4 and I am embracing the Waldorf way and they will be attending Waldorf school this Fall.<br><br>
I'm not feeling a creative groove right now to start making up stories, so I am relying on books.<br><br>
Does anyone have an opinion on any particular versions of fairy tales?<br><br>
If you use the Waldorf Student Reading List by Fenner and Rivers, have you found that there are books you think should be listed in there, but are not? In other words, is this a definitive guide, or is there another list you also find very helpful? Do you find that it is best to stick to the exact editions on these lists--when it comes to fairy tales and fables where there are many versions of the same story?<br><br>
If I purchase Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales by editor Padraic Colum, will I be missing out on particular (picturebook) versions of the tales?<br><br>
In particular, what do you think of Paul Zelinsky's books?<br><br>
Do you know any stories about Dragons?<br><br>
Some of my own thoughts to share:<br><br>
We have enjoyed The Elves and the Shoemaker by Jim LaMarche. These have the central, luminous figure in each page as oft recommended.<br><br>
There is a version of The Little Old Woman and the Hungry Cat which I like very much. My kids like this story. The version I like is by Meilo So.<br><br>
Meilo So is one of my favorite illustrators and I like many of her books. I just bought a book by E. E. Cummings which she illustrated and I am just getting into discovering this very different material. Is anyone a fan of E. E. Cummings?
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