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False labor!!

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Bah. I'm getting totally sick of this false labor BS. My MW says that the doc *really* doesn't want me to be overdue, and so will probably insist on inducing if I go over my due date - which is this friday. And the only thing I've had to date is freaking false labor over, and over and over again! Even right now, I'm having contractions but am pretty positive that they aren't real. Stupid Braxton Hicks. So yeah... I'm starting to think that if I ever do start labor I'm not going to trust my body/believe it untill I'm well into active labor... which means that I might just have an unplanned Homebirth!! =) Or else, an emergency delivery on the side of the road (50+minute drive to hospital...). So yeah. Sorry for the rant, but this is just really, really, really obnoxious!!
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I know how you feel. Saturday night I had FIVE HOURS of regular contractions, 5-6 minutes apart. I went to bed to try to get some sleep and woke up with nothing. Total bummer. I feel the same time if I really am in labor, will I even bother to call anyone?
I feel (felt
) ya'lls pain... I have no idea if it will help you, but for me, baby wasn't in the right position. My tummy muscles are pretty much non-existant, so we bound up my tummy and that helped give him the "umpfh" he needed to move closer to my body (rather than hanging off the front of my tummy, lol) so he could shift into my cervix -- and it also got him to move out of the posterior position.

In any case
s prodomal labor is incredibly disheartening. On the up side -- my entire "real" labor was 6 hours -- probably because all the earlier stuff gave me a nice head start!
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I just wanted to say, they can't induce you if you don't show up
. It sounds like you will go soon enough
.... Hang in there mama!
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