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false negative HPTs that are now babies

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I was wondering if anyone went on to have a baby about 8-9 months after getting a
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Ahhh yes, with my 1st I had a false HPT and Blood test. He is now 7 years old


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Yes, I got false negatives with ds until I was about six weeks along. I really *knew*, though, so the tests were just pissing me off! lol

sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
My daughter was 4 false negatives! I would wait a few days, test again, wait, test, etc. It was over two weeks, with my period almost a month overdue and still negative. I finally just went and got a blood test.
Thanks all, these are great stories!
My friend got false negative HPTs even AFTER seeing the baby on the u/s at about 12-16 wks--can't remember. Can you believe it??? Amazing.
My false negative via blood test is due to arrive in 5-7 weeks from now.
I tried to believe their test was right and my hpt was wrong(thinking how could it be?) but I knew better.
When af is due it's due and when it didn't show up I knew there was a reason.
My twins were false-negatives for the first week and a half after my missed period, and then were 'very faint positives' until around 6 weeks.
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Yeah, my 4 yo never showed pos on a hpt. By the time I went for what I thought was my 8 wk check to confirm pg, I was actuallyl 12 wks!!!
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did u guys keep testing cuz u had other symptoms or you just had a 'feeling'?
Wow-- I have to say that all of these negative HPT's are hard to believe. I wonder why the package says 99% accurate or whatever, when so many women get false negatives?

Also, I know that when I pee on the stick, it is less accurate than if I pee in a cup and dip. Probably because I pee too much on it. With the cup you have more control.


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I had a negative hpt with dd (now 3), but knew I was pregnant, so kept testing until it came up positive! With this pregnancy, I got another negative, and even though I knew I was pregnant again, kind of forgot about it (we were going away). I woke up one morning while we were camping feeling sick and tested again - positive!
With my ds, I just "had that feeling" that I was pregnant (even right after we conceived him


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I gotta add my story. My false negative is kicking away and due in March.

I just knew I was pg, but I got my "period". Every time I went to the bathroom I kept expecting that I would have stopped bleeding, but it went on for 3 days. I was charting and my temp had dropped to coverline. After 3 days I woke up with a high temp so I tested. I got a positive so faint that the only reason I saw it was because I watched it come up. I have never seen a positive so faint. Even my friend who tested + at 9dpo got a darker line. I literally can not see it now.

Anyway, after 18 days of high temps (which is almost always a + pg) I tested...negative. I did not just suspect, I KNEW I was pg. We decided not to get a blood test, because even dh agreed I was pg (! he who would normally want to perform the test himself to confirm +!) and we thought that if my HCG levels weren't increasing according to what's "normal" it would trigger a whole cascade of tests/anxiety.

Day 20, tested negative. 21 days of high temps is supposed to be conclusively a positive pregnancy. My temps plunged below coverline. I was so convinced I was pg I thought I might be about to miscarry.

Day 24 tested negative in the evening.

Gestational week NINE--hey, a good, strong postitive line.

Can't tell you what the heck any of that was about, but I was definately, positively pg! Halfway there now...
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