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I'm not sure where this should go. I'll put it in family planning as this was a very big accident and we're not sure how to "plan around it"!
My last period was at the beginning of December. We did the deed mid cycle and oops! I had preggo symptoms and a missed period the following month. I have never been able to get a positive pregnancy test with any of my pregnancies so I usually go in to confirm by ultrasound. I went in two weeks ago for an ultrasound which showed a tiny dot of cells and some extra thick lining going on in my uterus. They weren't sure what to make of it as there was no sac or anything, just a dot. I just went for a second ultrasound today (which would put me maybe 8 or 9 weeksish?) and the dot was gone. Nothing is in my uterus. I still feel strangely "off" and still have not bled! I am feeling like my body has turned against me! The people at the clinic just thought I was crazy, I am pretty sure. The woman there had no idea what to tell me. She acted like I made the whole thing up even though she was there for the first ultrasound!
How can something that was there have disappeared? Could it have been something else? I just wondered if anyone had any similar experiences that could possibly ease my horribly emotional confusion. Anything would be appreciated! Thank you lovely community...
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