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Families can be together forever

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How long do you think is acceptable to co-sleep or share the family bed?
My girl is 6 and she likes to sleep in with her Dad - I sleep with my baby. My boys don't seem fussed - they can sleep any where. My girl is more clingy at night - she is our eldest..
I have always said I will let the kids sleep with us as long as they like.
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America is so backwards about this issue. In many other places in the world, families live together in one or two room huts- sometimes 12,15, more? people!! So are they perverted for all sleeping together? NO! They're doing what is natural and PRACTICAL. Even though my almost 1yo sleeps in his own room and enjoys his space, he is ALWAYS allowed into our bed- no matter what the reason is. He never was a good "co-sleeper" and tossed a lot. My newborn however is a different story. He LOVES sleeping with Mama and Dada and I have a feeling he's going to be sleeping with us for a lonnnnnnnng time to come.
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I think it's "acceptable" and not perverted for as long as they want, up to adulthood if they feel like it. I don't think I'd put up with it in my house, though, because I like my space in bed (I barely tolerate having my husband there with me most nights!).
I'm not a mom, and my family wasn't very AP, but the one thing we did do was co-sleeping. I was an only child and pretty much slept with my parents (full time) until age 13.
After that, I came into their bed whenever I had a bad day, was feeling down, or just wanted to be with them. Honestly, at age 23, sometimes (especially after a bad day at work) I STILL want to go crawl into their bed.

So, I don't think there is any cut off age. I have awesome memories from sleeping with them. And I can't wait to do that with my children.
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I agree, I see nothing wrong with continuing it as long as both child and parent are happy. I still like sleeping in my moms bed when I visit her, its a place of comfort and happy memories for me and I am 26 years old.
I didn't co-sleep with my parents regularly as a kid but when my dad was out of town on business my sister and I took turns co-sleeping with my mom. We did that until adulthood! Since I never co-slept with my dad that would have felt weird, of course, but probably not if I had been doing it since birth.
It would've been so good for me to sleep with my parents even when I was a teen. I still remember a night when I had a concussion and had to be woken every hour. I was allowed into their bed. It was such a close , secure feeling, and I felt much closer (emotionally) to them as a result.
My son is 7 and he still sleeps with me and dh. I love having him beside me and hearing him breath! It's not only comforting to him, but to me as well. He's only going to a child once...and I love our nighttime talks. I'm 36 years old, and even though my siblings and I had our own rooms as children, we spent alot of time curling up with mom in her bed. I still love to cuddle beside her when we visit.
I think that it depends on the family. It's kinda like BFing ing the respect that it should go on as long as everyone is still comfy with the idea. DD is 8.5 and loves to sleep with us esp. when dh is working the night shift as she feels safer and she gets to sprawl out on the king size bed next to me and her baby brother. We recently met a family whose dd is almost 10 and has never slept in her own bed and has no desire to and it works for them. DD likes her space to sprawl and it is not readily avaible in our bed when DH is home so she opts to sleep in her bed right across the hall, but Must have the door open other wise she "misses us". I also know plenty of people who quit cosleeping much earlier and have very happy well adjusted kidos. I believe what ever feels right is most likely right for your family.
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