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Where do your 2 kids sleep?

  • they sleep with their mother, father sleeps elsewhere

    Votes: 8 6.2%
  • they sleep with their mother and father

    Votes: 31 24.0%
  • each child sleeps in his/her own individual bed

    Votes: 35 27.1%
  • the children share a bed together

    Votes: 7 5.4%
  • one child sleeps with a parent, the other one sleeps alone

    Votes: 19 14.7%
  • other

    Votes: 29 22.5%

families with 2 kids: sleeping arrangements?

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I'm trying to look into my crystal ball to figure out what sleeping arrangements will work in the future for our family of four (ds is now 3.5 and dd is 10 mo). We have a small space so I will have to plan things carefully to fit everyone in efficiently. We are currently cosleeping (but dh doesn't join us due to his sleep issues
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*Right now*, DS (6yo) sleeps alone in his own bedroom, DD (3yo) sleeps with me in the master bedroom, and DH sleeps downstairs on the sofa. DS moved out of the family bedroom at 4.5 yo. We need to buy a twin bed to "sidecar" to the king bed in the master bedroom, and then DH will rejoin me and DD (and our new June baby).
I voted other.

Currently with my 6.5 y/o and 5 y/o we mostly touch on each of the options in a given night.

A night generally goes like this...

- each child in individual bed, same room (mom lies with each for about 10 min.)
- mom goes to her bed with dp
- one child comes to join parents mid way through night, leaving other child alone
- other child joins parents
- dp leaves bed to stumble to basement couch, leaving mom and children together.

sometimes only one will join us in the night, occasionally they will spend the night in their own beds

We have had MANY sleeping arrangements since birth and we just keep changing as needs change.

We all co-slept in the beginning, then siblings and mom, then just siblings shared a bed, now they do have their own beds but sometimes invite each other over for sleep overs, cute but rarely works out.

Have fun!
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Originally Posted by raisinghumans View Post
We have had MANY sleeping arrangements since birth and we just keep changing as needs change.
: Makes sense, but I am struggling with how I can keep things flexible while still finding efficient solutions for our small space (i.e. not covering the entire apartment in beds
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Hey Ksenia!! long time no see

We had a king bed that DH, DS2 and I slept in with DS1 in a toddler bed next to it. When DS1 was way too big for the toddler bed, and we found that we were waking up DS2 when we came to bed, we got rid of the toddler bed and got a queen bed for DH & I that we put into the next room (about 10 ft away, with a doorway between). Then the boys stayed where the big bed together, and I often fall asleep with them and then move to my bed later. It's worked out really well since there's room for me to lie down if someone needs me but I can go to my own space when they are asleep.
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We currently have a King and Queen mattress pulled together in the master bedroom and we all pile in. Eventually ds and dd will get their own rooms but I'm not rushing it since we'd have to get one child a new bed and the other child would get the Queen mattress. I don't think either is ready for that right now.


Originally Posted by rubelin View Post
We had a king bed that DH, DS2 and I slept in with DS1 in a toddler bed next to it.


Originally Posted by wendygrace View Post
We currently have a King and Queen mattress pulled together in the master bedroom and we all pile in.
Where's the green with envy smilie
? Our bedrooms fit one king-sized bed at the most.
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My sons are 6 and 4. DS6 moved out of our bed at around a year (would put him down in his bed; sometime during the night he would wake up and I'd move him to our bed). DS4 was younger, only because he didn't sleep well with us.

We have a 3 bedroom house, but the bedrooms are fairly small. They share a room to sleep in, and then the other room is a playroom. They used to have separate rooms, but it was hard figuring out where to put toys since they share a lot of them. I bought them bunk beds that can either bunk up or stand separately on their own so that we'd have flexibility in sleeping arrangements later (Ikea has some reasonably priced ones). We don't currently have them bunked up because DS4 is quite the careless monkey, so their bedroom is pretty full with their beds and 2 dressers. I think we could get away with bunking the beds (I bought the shortest set I could find) and if we had to, we could cut down on their toys a bit and fit their toys in there, too (i.e., we could live with just the 2 bedrooms if we had to).
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#1: one sleep with me & DH, one sleeps alone
#2: both start out in their own bed and end up in ours
#3: one starts out in her own bed, the other climbs into the older ones bed and then they btoh end up with us...
you name it - we sleep it!
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Well, I voted other because dd and ds share a room. They each have their own bed in their room, BUT... dd often wakes up and comes in with us (we're nightweaning and old habits die hard). Ds is going through a patch where he's having nightmares and so dh will often go in and sleep with him when that happens.

Kids each in their own bed in the same room.
Mom and Dad together in their bed.

We end UP
Mom and Dad (usually) in bed, with dd.
Ds in his bed.
Mom and dd in bed
Dad and ds in bed

Or as happened this morning, Mom on the floor in the kids' bedroom, dd on the floor next to me and ds in his bed, and dh snoring blissfully in our bedroom (I had to take dd out of our bed because she was tantruming because I wouldn't nurse her at 4 am.)

Frankly, I can't predict who's going to end up where!
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I voted other. My dh works until late at night, so my ds (3) and dd (9 1/2 months) go to sleep in my bed. When dh comes home, he carries ds to ds' room, and they both sleep there. When I get up to go to work, dh sleeps with dd, leaving ds in his bed, but if ds wakes up early, he'll go back to sleep with dd and dh. How's that for confusing! On nights dh doesn't work, dd and I sleep in my bed, dh and ds sleep in ds' bed.
I voted other. One kid (4yo) with mom, one (15mos) with dad. We used to all be together but I can't sleep with my toddler. He keeps me up all night if I try.
I have a six year old dd and a three year old dd. Until recently, they both slept with me in our california king, and dh sleeps in the guest bedroom. DD#1 has always coslept, but dd#2 actually slept on her own from ages 1-2, then wanted to cosleep. She sleeps better on her own, but wanted to be in the same room, so she sleeps on a twin in my bedroom and dd#1 and I are in the big bed. They both have their own rooms-maybe someday they'll actually use them!
currently, m sleeps with us and k sleeps in her own room. we'll be transitioning m to his own bed in the same room as k when he's about 16 months.
Hi Ksenia!

at this point, the kids start out the night in bunk beds in their own room, but 99% of the time, when they get up to pee, they come in with us. Occasionally Lucy,7, will still be sleeping in her own bed by morning, but not usually.

when they were younger, we had a queen size bed with a twin bunk next to it, so Lucy could sleep up top, dexter had the bottom bunk, and mark and I had the queen...or mark had the top bunk, the kids and I all had the queen, or any other number of combinations.

When we move, Lucy wants her own room, so I think we'll put a queen in her room to serve as a guest bed from time to time, and we'll put the bunk bed in dexter's room, and he'll usually sleep on the bottom, but if we have guests, lucy can sleep in the bunk bed with him, or they can both come in to our king size bed and guests can have both the kids' rooms... it seems like a versatile set up, but who knows where we will actually all end up every night! Actually, I do know where we will all end up sleeping, which is why we invested in a king size bed *after* the kids had their own room!

happy restructuring!
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Oh, I so hear you on the small space planning!! We currently have us all in one "bed" which is really a crib-converted-to-toddler-bed (purchased before I had both boys
: and hadn't yet realized our true sleeping needs)attached very securely to our queen bed (also a before boys purchase). Our DS1 who is five, will this spring move to his own room, at his prompting (see, they DO want their own space when ready
) and that will see DS2 still with us in the sidecar, allowing us more room until (maybe) a DC3 joins us to start the original set-up all over again. I might buy a king bed at this time, too, it just depends if we're in the same house or not-right now it wouldn't fit! DS1 will have a twin bed and we may include a thin mattress on the floor that could roll up or something in case he has trouble at first falling asleep on his own, although knowing his strong desire for a room of his own this may not be an issue. HTH!!
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i voted differnt bed as the OP has both genders.

if they were same sexed I'd vote one bed -- DN's shared a bed till younger one was 5 (older7) and they got bunks, but still shoose to sleep together on bottom, most nights almost a year later....

If ours are both boys -- we will do the same. once they leave our bed, mostly on their own -- unless a little push is needed. our bed will always be open to them....

I am not opposed to bro / sis sleeping together, but then you get into "how long is too long"...and all that jazz....I would give each gender a bed, and if they choose to sleep togerher -- while young -- let them....

ksenia, the four of us are in a king, in a bedroom that is one foot larger than the bed on two sides
so it is all bed. since all we do in there is sleep, or play on the bed, it works, and leaves the other room for toys and clothes and play, and an extra bed for guests. if we were to stay in this 2-bedroom shoebox, we'd likely get a bunk for the girls when they want to sleep in their own room. our eldest has no plans to leave the family bed, though! i imagine when they go, they'll go together.

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We start out with Mom and Dad in our bed, kids in separate beds in same room (DD in crib, DS in a twin). Whenever DD wakes up to nurse, she comes in our room and either sleeps the rest of the night with us, or if I can't get comfortable, in a pack'n'play in our room.
My 4yo and 21mo both start out in their own beds. They then join us in the middle of the night. We have a king bed with a twin bed next to it, slightly lower. Right now the younger sleeps between us when he comes in and hte 4yo sleeps on the twin when she comes in.
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