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Family Bed Coming To An End?

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Tonight my 3.5yo dd said, out of the blue, "I want to go to sleep by myself!". Her daddy and I tucked her in and gave her a kiss, turned on a nightlight and walked away. 20 min later I checked on her and she was asleep.


I wasn't ready for that!

She coslept with us exclusively until she was ~2yo, then we moved a bed next to ours and she slept in her own bed but in the same room. Then when she was 2yo 10 mo we moved into a new house and she was so in love with her room that she insisted on sleeping in there. Dh or I laid in bed with her every night, though, to help her get to sleep and after the newness of the room wore off we put her to bed in our bed about half the time, and in her own bed the other half (usually depending on what she wanted). Now tonight she decided, for the first time and with NO prompting from us, that she'd rather fall asleep on her own.

She still does wake up every night around 1am and crawl into our bed. At least she did up until last night, I don't know what to expect tonight after this sudden change.
She did say "I am going to sleep here ALLLLLL night so keep my nightlight on, OK?"

Everyone, well nearly everyone, told us not to cosleep or we'd never get her out of our bed. Even my friend that coslept told me I should do it but don't be surprised if she's still needing me to fall asleep when she's 14 (the age of my friend's dd). Man, I kinda wish they were right, she grew out of it waaaay too fast for her father and I.
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awww, she grew up a little! Thats exciting. It must be time for you to have another baby
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